Sir David Attenborough
"I have worked with Robert over the last 20 years on projects such as "The Living Planet", "The Trials Of Life" and "The Life Of Birds", and have come to greatly admire his enthusiasm, temperament and specialist wildlife camera skills. I feel these workshops run by Robert will greatly benefit those wishing to learn more about the craft of nature photography and filmmaking."
Don Merton

"I first met Robert Brown in 1974 while I was camped in the wilds of New Zealand's massive, rugged Fiordland National Park, attempting to find and save the last few Kakapo. Robert succeeded in shooting the first footage ever obtained of a Kakapo in Fiordland - one of the last individuals ever to be found there in fact. Even then - 30 nearly years ago - Robert was not only an unusually skilled cameraman, but more importantly to me, I knew that his level of respect, consideration and sensitivity to wild animals was second to none!

Thus, I agreed to Robert filming that exceedingly shy and elusive bird. Rob's modus operandi then, as on subsequent occasions when he has filmed critically-endangered birds in my care - such as Black robin in Chathams, made a huge positive and lasting impression on me. Clearly, Robert is very well qualified to provide instruction in this crucial area."

Michael Stedman
"Robert has shot a great many of Natural History New Zealand's award winning documentaries. As a company we produce a significant number of films for Discovery Channel and National Geographic. Robert's ability as a cameraman places him among a select group internationally, he is by any measure a world leader"
John Sparks
"I have known Robert Brown for nearly thirty years and have the highest regard for him as a wildlife cameraman. Not only is he a skilled photographer but has all of the attributes so necessary for success in this demanding and highly specialised field. He is a first class and experienced naturalist with a natural empathy for his subjects, is tough, self reliant, and has the patience of job. For many years he was the photographic mainstay of what was TVNZ's Wild South department in Dunedin and was responsible artistically for what I still believe were some of their finest films.

My colleagues and I from the BBC's Natural History Unit had the pleasure of working with Robert on a number of occasions in different parts of the world including India, Antarctica, and Siberia, and I heard and have nothing but praise for what he achieved."